Make the most of our risk-management advisory service

Regulations such as the German Control and Transparency in Business Act (KonTraG) and Corporate Governance Code (DCGK) have resulted in a much sharper focus on liability, making it more important than ever to have a comprehensive risk-management system in place. At your request, we can work together to develop a plan of action – incorporating risk analyses and assessments – to make your corporate risk planning and management that bit easier. We can even create a benefit guide that is perfectly tailored to your needs, taking into account your company’s size, strategic alignment, and number of production sites or subsidiaries. Our range of services is based on a comprehensive risk analysis, as this is the only way to ensure that we can claim to offer a risk-management concept that has been well thought out from start to finish. We develop the perfect concept of requirements so that we can deliver the ideal risk implementation plan, all alongside our ongoing support and optimal risk placement.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with one of the leading insurance brokers in the field today and see how you could benefit from our risk-management advisory service!

Risk identification

The process of risk identification considers all economic and corporate criteria that we encounter in each individual scenario we come across. This involves examining all relevant risks, checking value distributions, preparing calculations, listing damages, classifying risks and developing risk systems. No two risk scenarios are the same, which is why we deliberately move away from sector-specific stereotypes to incorporate your own, individual requirements into our concepts.

Our approach:

  • Having our specialists record all data pertaining to the company
  • Documenting the existing insurance policies and damages
  • Carrying out inspections of all key management, production and storage locations
  • Determining logistical and production-related factors

Risk analysis

By performing a risk analysis and evaluation of your individual risk situations and how to hedge against them, we are able to show you the most appropriate solutions and alternatives in each case. The wide range of options for meeting your personal needs and requirements are then classified and recorded.

Our approach:

  • Creating your individual risk-management programme
  • Assessing the risk situation together
  • Suggesting implementation and optimisation options
  • Deciding how to proceed
  • Developing a plan of action

Risk placement

The CONZEPTA’S Group implements your plan of action and places the risks we have established together with well-known German and international insurance companies or risk bearers. Our general market overview, specialist knowledge and independent outlook allow us to achieve anti-cyclical market results on a regular basis. This applies equally, of course, to the ongoing management and maintenance of your portfolio as well as to new placements.

By working with us, you are sure to strengthen your market position with regard to your risk bearers. And this is why the ideal concepts and prices are just as important to us as the continuity and reliability of the risk bearer.

Risk administration

To us, having the perfect, top-level risk administration commands the same respect as having the appropriate risk placement.

So to this end, ongoing market changes have to be taken into consideration in exactly the same way as changes in legislation. We see ourselves as your long-term partner, so we have a constant eye on case law to check what effects this could have on your “entrepreneurial risk” and risk-management processes. At the same time, we also discuss any necessary changes to existing policies with you and make sure that these are implemented.