Data Privacy Statement

Your privacies sphere protection in processing your personal data is core concern.

When visiting our website our web servers will automatically store the IP address of your internet service provider, web sites you are using to visit our platform, web sites you are visiting at our internet presence as well as the date and duration of visit. This data is elementary for technical transmission of the websites and secure server operation.  No personalised analysis of this data will take place in anyway

Provided you are sending data via contact form to us this information will be stored upon our servers in the course of data protection. Your data will be exclusively used for the handling of your inquiry. Your data will be treated as highly confidential. A transfer to third parties will not be effected.


Responsible contact:

CONZEPTA’S Assekuranzmakler GmbH
Baierbrunner Str. 23
81379 Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 78746-0


Personal Data

This data is data about your person. This contains your name, your address your email address. You do not have to give us your personal data in order to be able to visit our internet presence. In some case, we need your name and your address as well as further information in order to be able to offer the inquired service to you.

It also applies in case we are delivering information inquired by yourself or respectively on answering your queries. In cases like these, we will always indicate this to you. Furthermore, we will only save the data you delivered automatically or voluntarily to us.

If you are using one of our services, we usually collect only the necessary data in order to provide our service. May be we ask you for further information, which are however of voluntary nature.

Whenever we process personalised data, we do so in order to be able to provide our service or to attain our commercial target.


Automatically stored data


The provider of the sites automatically collects and stores information in so-called server-log-files, which transfers your browser to us automatically. These are:

A combination of this data with other data sources will not be effected. Processing is effected according to Art. 6, par. 1 lit. f DSGVO based on our legitimate interest in improvement of stability and functionality of our web site.

For reason of technical security, especially for protection from malevolent attempts against our web servers, this information will be stored short-term.

Conclusion to singular persons is not possible for us by means of this data. After seven days latest, the data will be anonymised by reduction of IP-Address to domain-level, so that it will not be possible to refer to the single user. Furthermore, the data will be processed for statistical reasons; a comparison with other data portfolio or transfer to third parties, even in extract, will not be effected. Only in the frame of our server statistics, which we publish every second year in our progress report, the amount of clickstreams will be stipulated.



When visiting our web sites we possibly store information upon your computer in form of cookies. Cookies are small files that are transferred from an internet server to your browser and stored upon your hard disk. Only the internet record address will be saved – no personal data.

This information stored in cookies allows us to recognize you automatically on your next visit to our internet page, facilitating your utilization. Legal basis for using cookies is the legitimate interest according to Art.6, par. 1 lit. f DSGVO.

Of course, you can also visit our internet sites without accepting cookies. If you do not like that your computer will be identified on your next visit, you can decline using cookies by changing the adjustments of your browser to “cookies refused”. You will find the particular procedure in your browser’s manual. When refusing cookies restrictions in using of some areas may occur.


Google Maps

Our web site uses goggle maps for the display of maps and the creation of direction plans.

Google Maps is being operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

By using Google Maps you agree to the recording, processing and use of data automatically inclined and supplied by yourself by Google, its representatives and third suppliers.

The terms and conditions of use for Google Maps you find HERE.

Data Privacy Statement of Google Maps you find HERE.



We have met technical and administrative safety precautions to protect your personal date against loss, destruction, manipulation and unauthorised access. All our employees as well as service providers acting in our name are subject to the valid data protection laws.

Whenever we collect and process personal data, this will be encrypted before transmission. This means that third parties cannot abuse your data. Our security precautions and data privacy statement are subject to continual revision. Please ensure using the actual version.


Rights of concerned persons

At any time, you have the right of information, correction, deletion or reduction of your data process, right of objection against the process as well as right of data process and of complaint according to requirements of data privacy laws.

Right of information

You can demand information by us, whether or to which extent we process your data.

Right of correction

In case of our processing your data, which are incomplete or incorrect, you can demand their correction respectively completion at any time.

Right of deletion

You can demand deletion of your data, provided we process them unlawfully or if the process affects your justified interest in protection in a disproportionate way. Please note, that there might be reasons objecting an immediate deletion, i.e. in case of compulsory safekeeping legally regulated.

Irrespective of exercising your right of deletion, we immediately and completely will delete your data, provided there are no objections to contractual or compulsory/legitimate record retention

Right of reduction of processing

You can demand reduction of processing your data, if:

Right of objection

If we process your data due to legitimate interest, you can file an objection against this data process at any time. This would also apply to profiling based on these regulations. In this case we do not continue processing your data, unless we can prove urgent requiring protection, which predominate your interest, rights and liberties or the process will suits the enforcement , exercise or defence of legal claims. At any time, you can object to the process of your data for purpose of direct mail without stating a reason.

Right to complain

You are of the opinion that we violate German or European data privacy law when processing your data, we kindly ask you to contact us, in order to be able to clarify questions. Of course, you also have the right to apply to your appropriate authorities, or the respective regional authorities.

Provided you want to assert one of the named rights to us, please refer to our authorized representative for privacy protection.

In case of doubt, we can obtain additional information for confirming your identity.


Change of this data privacy statement

We reserve our rights to change our data privacy statement in case this should be necessary due to new technologies. Please ensure that you have the most current version on hand.

Basic changes in this data privacy statement will be announced on our web site.

In case of any questions concerning privacy protection, all interested parties and visitors of our internet web site are pleased to refer to:

Herrn Gerald Lill
Projekt 29 GmbH & Co. KG
Ostengasse 14
93047 Regensburg, germany

Phone:    +49 941 2986930
Fax:         +49 941 29869316