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Innovation, flexibility and permanent monitoring of market developments are required to secure a successful future. We live from market changes. For us, these changes mean more responsibility, self-organization and self-commitment – within the framework of clear, self-created target agreements.

Our cooperation: Personal. Structured. Efficient.

People continue to come first in an increasingly technological world. In order to gain and maintain the trust and loyalty of our clients, personal conversation is our preferred form of communication, despite the most modern communication media. Our well-trained and exceptionally motivated team supports you throughout the entire development process up to the best-practice solution. Enthusiasm for the task and pleasure in the work are the breeding ground for our success.

Our solutions for you: Individual. Competent. Transparent.

It is our fundamental goal to build a good, long-term relationship with our clients, characterized by mutual respect, courtesy and integrity. We also aim to strengthen this relationship through helpfulness and effective responses to client requests and needs. Our commitment is to provide our clients with a service of the highest quality and greatest value and benefit – according to the quote by Hermann Hesse:

"You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible." 1

1 Quote from Hermann Hesse

Our values: Committed. Trustworthy. Professional.

Our values combine tradition with innovation to create a modern, future-oriented corporate culture with a focus on the essentials. This includes a high level of appreciation and the satisfaction of our employees. Long-standing business relationships and trusting partnerships confirm our success.

CONZEPTA’S combines our principles:

Couragiertes Auftreten – Courageous appearance
Customers and partners can rely on us. We pursue our corporate values with determination.

Offene Kommunikation – Open communication
Fairness and an open approach to crises, conflicts and successes create a positive working atmosphere.

Niveauvoller Umgang – Classy behaviour
Respect, appreciation, team spirit, integrity and constructive criticism determine our cooperation.

Zukunftsorientiertes Denken – Future-oriented thinking
New, rapidly changing circumstances require innovative solutions.

Engagierte Mitarbeiter – Committed employees
Reliability, commitment and initiative of each individual define the success of the company.

Professionelle Umsetzung – Professional implementation
Competence and an understanding of our clients’ needs characterise our service.

Transparente Lösungen – Transparent solutions
Comprehensible and understandable products and advice reinforce the credibility and honesty of our services.

Ambitionierte Ziele – Ambitious goals
Continuous growth requires new challenges.

Strukturiertes Arbeiten – Structured work
Methodical procedures and a systematic way of working ensure consistent quality.