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Complex risk situations are a key concern for industrial enterprises, and the range of different requirements in each one call for their own, specific measures. Depending on the classification of the industries, the company’s existence, the age of the buildings, the number of sites (national and international), the relationships with your clients/suppliers, and any individual requirements, we create a bespoke insurance programme just for you.

Our comprehensive action plan allows us to work with you to make decisions promptly and efficiently and achieve perfect results. When it comes to the industrial sector, we’re right at home.


For traders, today’s insurance companies offer a wide range of coverage concepts that differ considerably not only in terms of price, but also – more specifically – in terms of what they actually cover.

It is hardly surprising, then, that it can be difficult (and in some cases virtually impossible) for you to figure out exactly what they each involve. Fortunately for you, we have taken the time to road-test these various concepts to ensure you have full access to the entire marketplace.


Developing and adapting special coverage concepts for commercial enterprises are at the heart of what we do. Our concepts are designed to meet the needs and specifications of purely commercial enterprises – regardless of whether they operate on a

  • regional
  • national
  • European, or
  • global

scale. In addition to your static risks, we can also provide coverage for your incoming and outgoing transport needs – no matter where they’re from or where they’re going.



Housing sector

When it comes to value for money, our housing concept really is a cut above the standard policies on the market.

We can offer you optimal insurance cover and simplified processes at reasonable rates, not to mention an outstanding claims service, whether you’re a:

  • Large-scale private investor
  • Housing association
  • Cooperative
  • Local authority, or
  • Property developer

Commercial buildings

It goes without saying that commercial buildings involve commercial risks. Our job is to make the connection between industry insurance and property insurance policies. Our experience in both the industrial and residential building sectors has allowed us to create an individual concept for commercial buildings, which unites each of these elements for the benefit of owners and investors alike.

The result is a concept that meets all requirements from commercial halls right through to major projects. So no matter whether your project relates to existing establishments or new builds, we’ll be with you every step of the way: from the planning phase, to the ground-breaking ceremony, right through to the ongoing management of the facility as an owner-occupied or leased development.

Renewable energies

When it comes to what companies in the field of renewable energies need, we have adapted standard market insurance conditions to suit our special coverage concepts. This results in a product that really is a cut above the market standard in terms of value for money.

Despite this market being relatively new, insurance companies are already offering a wide range of insurance conditions. That said, placing risk without adequate market knowledge and opportunities for comparison is not recommended.



Overview of insurance policies

Take a look here for an overview of the key, branch-specific insurance policies.