Customer information

In accordance with Section 15 of the German Insurance Brokerage Ordinance (VersVermV)


CONZEPTA’S Assekuranzmakler AG

Baierbrunner Str. 23
81379 Munich, Germany

Phone:    +49 89 78746-0
Fax:         + 49 89 78746-199

Management board: Josef Zollner (CEO), Daniel Witaschek (CHR), Daniel Merkl (COO)
Chairman of the supervisory board: Wolfgang Schaller

Munich district court
Com. register no.: HRB 123 633
Swiss register no.: 25921


CONZEPTA’S RieVers Austria GmbH

Heiligenstädterstr. 28/Top 3
AT-1190 Vienna / Austria

Phone:    +43 1 90626
Fax:     +43 1 90626-36

Managing directors:
Josef Zollner, Bernhard Rieder

Com. register no. Vienna: FN468032h
Trade information system no.: 29705108
VAT no.: ATU72160001


Registered insurance broker in accordance with Section 34 d, § 1 of the German Industrial Code (GewO) at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for Munich and Upper Bavaria
Balanstr. 55 – 59, 81541 Munich, Germany, Phone +49 89 5116-1150


Registered in accordance with Section 11 a, § 1 of the German Industrial Code (GewO) with agent number

D-DSSU-0QS1P-54 CONZEPTA’S Assekuranzmakler GmbH at the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
(“Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag (DIHK) e.V.”), Breite Str. 29, 10178 Berlin.
This can be verified as follows: Phone +49 30 20308-0 or

CONZEPTA’S RieVers Austria GmbH: Member of Economic Chamber in Austria/Chamber of Land Vienna, section insurance broker and consultant for insurance matters, visible under
applicable regulations: trade regulation 1994 available under Controlling institution: district exchange, 19. District, Marktstrasse 100, A-1190 Vienna; supervision of financial market, Otto-Wagner-Platz 5, A-1090 Vienna


CONZEPTA’S Assekuranzmakler AG and CONZEPTA’S RieVers Austria GmbH are independent insurance brokerage companies. This means that we do not exercise any direct or indirect voting rights or hold shares in the capital of any insurance company. Equally, no insurance companies exercise any direct or indirect voting rights or hold shares in the capital of our company.

Reporting requirement according to article 13 DSGVO

The protection of your personal data is our core concern.

Therefore, we process your personal data (in short “data”) only on basis of legal regulations. With the data privacy statement we want to inform you about the process of your data in our company and the rights and requirements you are legally entitled in accordance of Art. 13 of the Basic Data Protection Regulation (EU DS-GVO/GDPR)


1. Who is responsible for data process and whom can you apply to?



CONZEPTA’S Assekuranzmakler AG
Baierbrunner Str. 23
81379 Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 78746-0


Data protection officer of the company is:

Gerald Lill
Projekt 29 GmbH & Co. KG
Ostengasse 14
93047 Regensburg, Germany
Phone: +49 941 2986930


2. Which data will be stored and from which source it originates?

We process data, which we received in the frame of initial phase of the contract respectively according to agreements or in the scale of your appliance to our company respectively in the scale of being employed with our company.

To personal data belong:

Your basic-/contact data; in the case of clients i.e. we store first name and surname, address, contact data (e-mail address, phone number, fax), banking details and pictures.

In case of applicants or employees, we store i.e. first- and surname, address, contact data (e-mail address, phone number, and fax), date of birth, data from your C.V. and job references, banking details and religious denomination and pictures.

In case of business partners: indication of their legal representatives, company, commercial register´s number, VAT number, number of company, address, data of contact person (e-mail address, phone number, fax), banking details.

In case of visitors to our company, we store name and signature.

Furthermore, we also process following personal data:

  • Information about kind and topic of contract data, mandatory data, turnover and reference data, clients’ and suppliers’ history as well as consulting data
  • Advertising- and selling data
  • Information of your electronic exchange with us ( i.e. IP-address, log-in-data)
  • Miscellaneous data, which we received in the frame of our business relationship
  • Data, generated by ourselves from contact data as well as other data, i.e. analysis of clients’ requirements and prospective clients’ evaluation, documentation of your agreement to receive newsletters etc.
  • Photographs in the frame of events


3. For which purpose and due to which legal basis are this information processed?

We process your data in accordance with the regulations of general Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and German Data Protection Act 2018 each in the valid version:


  • In compliance with duties  precedent to the policy (Art.6, par.1, lit b DS-GVO)
    The processing of your data is performed online or with one of our branches for settling the contract and for transacting of your employment. The data will be processed especially with prospective clients and realisation of the contract.
  • In compliance with legal duties (Art.6,par.1, lit c DS-GVO)
    A process of your data is required for the purpose of compliance with different legal stipulations, i.e. according to commercial code or General tax code
  • For ensuring legal interest /Art 6, par. 1 lit.c DS-GVO)
    Due to weighing up the interest against each other a process of data  may be effected even when the contract has already been terminated in order to keep our or third party’s justified interest A process of data in order to keep justified interest may be effected for example in the following cases:

    •  Advertising or marketing (see No. 4)
    •  Measures for business controlling and further development of services and products
    • Running a clients’ data file for improving the client service
    • In the frame of asserting legal rights
  • In the frame of your agreement (Art 6, par 1, lit a DSGVO)
    If you agreed to the process of your data, i.e. for sending our newsletter, publishing of photos etc.


4. Process of personal data for the purpose of advertising

The process of your data for the purpose of advertising you can object at any time to some or all measures, without resulting in other than transmission costs according to standard rates.

According to legal requirement of § 7 par 3 UWG we are entitled to use your e-mail address initially given to us for direct advertising of own or similar products or services. You will receive these recommendations of products irrespectively, whether or not you have subscribed a newsletter.

If you do not wish to receive such recommendations per e-mail in future, you can object to the use of your address for this purpose at any time, without resulting in other than transmission costs according to standard rates. A message in writing is sufficient for this. Of course, every e-mail will contain a link for signing off.


5. Who will receive my data?

If we appoint a service provider in the sense of processing an assignment, we remain responsible for the protection of your data. All service provider are contractually obliged to treat your data confidentially and to process them only in the frame of his order management. The order processors charged by us will receive your data, provided they need your data for the respective service. These are for example IT-service provider, needed by us for operating and securing our IT-system as well as for advertising and address publishing companies for our own advertising campaigns.

Your data will be processed in our clients’ data file. The clients’ data file supports the improvement of data quality of existing client data (cleaning-up of doublets, moved/ deceased- number plates, corrections of address) and enables enriching with data from public sources.

These data will be disposed to group companies provides it is necessary for setting up the contract. The storage of date will be effected according to the needs of the respective companies and separated whereas our mother company acts on behalf for the participating companies.

On presentation of a legal requirement as well as in the frame of asserting legal right legal authorities and courts as well as external auditors may be recipients of your data. Furthermore, insurance companies, banks, information offices and service providers may also receive your data for the purpose of prospective clients and fulfilment of contracts.


6. How long will be my data stored?

We process your data until the business relation has been terminated or until expiring of the current retention period (i.e. commercial code, regulation of charges, social law concerning hospitalisation or working schedules) in addition until termination of all legal disputes when using the data as evidence.


7. Will be personal data transmitted to third countries?

Generally, we will transmit no data to third countries. A transmission will be only effected due to an appropriate resolution concerning adequacy by European commission, standard contract clauses, appropriate guarantees or your explicit agreement.


8. Which rights of data protect do I have?

At any time, you have the right of information, correction, deletion or reduction of your data process, right of objection against the process as well as right of data process and of complaint according to requirements of data privacy laws.

Right of information:

You can demand information by us, whether or to which extent we process your data

Right of correction:

In case of our processing your data, which are incomplete or incorrect, you can demand their correction respectively completion at any time.

Right of deletion:

You can demand deletion of your data, provided we process them unlawfully or if the process affects your justified interest in protection in a disproportionate way. Please note, that there might be reasons objecting an immediate deletion, i.e. in case of compulsory safekeeping legally regulated.

Irrespective of exercising your right of deletion, we immediately and completely will delete your data, provided there are no objections to contractual or compulsory/legitimate record retention

Right of reduction of processing:

You can demand reduction of processing your data, if:

  • you deny the correctness of the data, and that for a while which enables us to verify the correctness of your data
  • the processing of your data is illegitimate, but you deny its deleting and instead of you demand a reduction of data.
  • We do not need the data for the purpose intended, but you require the data for legal enforcement or for defence against legal claims.
  • You filed an objection against the process of the data

Right of data transferability:

You can demand us to provide you with your data, you supplied us with, in a structured, established and machine-readable format and that you can provide this data to another responsible person without impediment from our side,

  • if we process this data with your granted and revocable permission or for performing a contract with you
  • this processing occurs by automated procedures

If technically feasible, you can request your data to be transferred by us directly to the other responsible person.

Right of objection

If we process your data due to legitimate interest, you can file an objection against this data process at any time. This would also apply to profiling based on these regulations. In this case we do not continue processing your data, unless we can prove urgent requiring protection, which predominate your interest, rights and liberties or the process will suits the enforcement, exercise or defence of legal claims. At any time, you can object to the process of your data for purpose of direct mail without stating a reason.

Right to complain

You are of the opinion that we violate German or European Data privacy law when processing your data, we kindly ask you to contact us, in order to be able to clarify questions. Of course, you also have the right to apply to your appropriate authorities, or the respective regional authorities.

Provided you want to assert one of the named rights to us, please refer to our authorized representative for privacy protection.

In doubt, we can obtain additional information for confirming your identity.


9. Am I obliged to provide data?

The process of your data is necessary in order to conclude or fulfil the contract closed with us. If you do not provide us with the data, we usually must decline to conclude the contract or we cannot effect an existing contract and in conclusion, we have to terminate it. However, you are not obliged to agree to the process of your data in respect of non- relevant respectively legally not required data.

arbitration board / complaint management

The addresses of arbitration boards for extrajudicial settlement according to §42 k of law concerning insurance contracts are:

Arbitration court for commercial insurance-, investments- and credit placements:
Glockengießerwall 2
20095 Hamburg, Germany

In case you are unsatisfied, please revert to us.

Your contact person for complaints is predominantly the corresponding employee or one of our directors.
Handling your complaints is our top priority. A prompt reply will be guaranteed.

In case of complaints concerning our business activities please refer to our complain point:
Phone: +49 89 78746-0

Complain point for CONZEPTA´S RieVers Austria GmbH:

kind and origin of remuneratuin

The remuneration of our activities is effected.

  • as a concrete payment agreed upon
  • as comission included in the insurance premium, payed by the respective insurance company or
  • as a combination of both

This is finally depending on the desires and requirements of the client and the insurance products eventually determined.

As to German Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation we refer to our